Index Seminum 2015 Available Online

Glasgow Botanic Gardens’ Index Seminum 2015 catalogue is now available to all Index Seminum participants and International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN) members at the link below. The deadline for orders is 31 March 2015.

Index Seminum 2015 Online

What is Index Seminum?

In the summer of 1682, Dr. Paul Hermann of Leiden University Botanic Garden, the Netherlands visited his counterpart, John Watts, at Chelsea Physics Garden, London. A seed exchange program was established between both institutions allowing for diversification of their respective collections and fostered lateral communication and knowledge exchange. Latterly, seed exchange programs developed between numerous other botanic gardens, known collectively by the term Index Seminum (Literally translated to “List of Seeds”).  Today, the unified Index Seminum program is utilized by hundreds of botanical gardens worldwide, as an essential means of plant acquisitions for many.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens have been involved in Index Seminum, employed to varying degrees, since the 1950s. In 2012, then Assistant Curator Stephen Herrington, invested considerable time and effort to revitalise the program which had been utilised sparingly in years prior, to aid development and diversification of the living collections.